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Most hair products are as harsh on your hair as the things we do in the name of beauty. But you don't have to sacrifice your personal hair style or environment to have beautiful hair — you can have it all! Hair habitat features only naturally-derived hair products that are as organic as you can get. In addition to being the exclusive Syracuse source for such great product lines as Max Green Alchemy and Simply Organic, hair habitat has created its own line for the conscious consumer... you! We use only the most carefully sourced raw materials for our products, which feature organic essential oils like rose geranium, and earth-friendly products that are vegan and always cruelty-free.


Go to rehab! Here at hair habitat, we give back to the environment, and you save money. Just return your clean empty hair habitat product bottles, and we will refill them, and give you a 25% discount! Our own exclusive line of products also focuses on what's in the bottles, not the packaging, so you save even more.



hair habitat

hair habitat

goodness: [good’-nis] noun 1. the state or quality of being good. 2. virtue: personal moral excellence or kindness. 3. excellence of quality 4. goodness of workmanship. 5. the best part of anything; essence; strength.

We believe in treating your hair… good. Good is what's best! Hair should look good; feel good; smell good; and just be good. That's why we created our hair care with the most organic and natural ingredients available. We use absolutely no GMO’s, TEA’s, sulfates, pthalates, parabens or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. We use the most gentle, naturally-derived surfactants, and combined them with organic and wild-crafted ingredients. Our signature Rose Geranium essence just smells… good! What's good for your hair is what's best for your hair and your environment. Just plain goodness without compromise is what hair habitat’s products are all about.


hair habitat

Max Green Alchemy

At Max Green Alchemy, they are passionate about products that respect our internal and external environments without sacrificing effectiveness or lowering expectations. They avoid ingredients believed to cause allergy, toxicity or that are suspected of being potentially harmful. Max Green is not only about great products and what goes into them; it's also about what doesn't. Max Green is about lifestyle choices.


hair habitat

John Masters Ogranics

John Masters Organics grew out of his desire to create a luxury beauty line that treats the earth with respect. The result is the culmination of the hard work performed by people all over the world. Their dedication to growing and harvesting organic and wild-crafted ingredients is honored at John Masters Organics.


hair habitat

Simply Organic

In the pursuit of health an beauty, what you put on your hair and skin is as important as what goes in your mouth. Simply Organic products are created from a simple premise. They use certified organic ingredients whenever possible and keep dangerous chemical preservative systems and lathering agents out of the bottle in the end. Their secret ingredient...Olive Leaf Extract!


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